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    Ag-Innovation 2017

    Digital Innovation Festival

    1-6 Sept.

  • Water...

    Agribusiness need to do more with less water. Water infrastructure is changing, so to is the environment and climate.

    IOT & Digital

    Physical technologies are getting cheaper and more useful in regional and remote settings. Networked sensors are increasingly powerful. Innovative digital solutions allow for new ways to capture and use data.


    How can technology be applied to reduce inputs costs, more tightly couple farm planning and production systems to the market and improve overall farm profitability without detriment to the farm system as a whole?


    Australian agriculture is struggling to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Traditional agricultural models utilise large volumes of high cost inputs to maintain production rates, at times to the detriment of other economic and environmental indicators.

    Ag-Innovation 2017

    These events aim to pool together grads, entrepreneurs, industry technicians, business, investors and academics. Teams will be provided with some problem statements, design thinking guidance, data and tools to prototype and test ideas at the Hackathon at La Trobe University.


    Flowing on, teams will be able to create an business case in the collaborative Pitch Training workshop.


    On the closing night of the Victorian Digital Innovation Festival, participating teams will get a chance to make a splash and present their ideas to the community at the Pitch Night as a celebration of Ag-Innovation.

  • What you need to know

    Parameters of the events


    Hackathon: 1-2 Sept.


    • You'll have help putting a team together with technology, ag and business people.
    • You'll be provided a number of agricultural water management "hurt statements" that you can use to design your solution. Or bring your own problem statement!
    • Your solution needs to include IOT concepts and technology.

    Pitch Training: 5th Sept.

    • For your product to have a positive impact, you will need a sustainable business model. 
    • If you're solution has legs, get help to create a pitch deck, build confidence and put a business case for investment or community involvement.
    • Free for hackathon teams, fee for others who want to join in.

    Pitch Night: 6th Sept 5:30-8pm

    • Celebrate innovation with 100 other entrepreneurs and supporters!
    • Present your solution and business case to a panel of awesome judges.
    • Build new connections. Meet other entrepreneurs. Maybe find an investor or a business partner.
    • Potentially turn your idea into a product and your own business!
    Note: If you want to pitch, you need to attend the training session
  • What you get

    La Trobe Accelerator Program

    Launch your startup

    Successful teams will get fast tracked into the La Trobe Accelerator Program!


    The La Trobe Accelerator program, in partnership with Deakin and Federation Universities, is a start-up program to build Victoria’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, to help convert our communities’ good ideas into viable businesses.


    Winning teams can receive:

    First Prize:

    Second Prize:

    Third Prize

    • Opportunity to presenting your idea to LTAP researcher + an academic mentor + work space in LTAP for the development of your product.
    • 5 hours mentoring from the Director of EcoThought
    • 1 hour mentoring with Director of Maxsum Consulting
    • 1 hour mentoring session with SproutX Accelerator
    • 4 tickets to any Be.Bendigo event
    • 1 hour business mentoring from Sorted4Life
    • 1 mentoring session with founders of Fieldk.it
  • Partnerships

  • Hackathon

    Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd September


    The Hackathon registration is free & open to all.


    Register as a team, or as an individual (we'll connect you with a team)


    La Trobe University Bendigo Campus (Business 2.28), Flora Hill, VIC 3552

  • Pitch Training

    Tuesday 5th September


    You'll receive a solid pitch deck, coaching on how to pitch and promotion of your idea to the wider community (inc. potential investors & partners)


    Chance to win awesome prizes at the Pitch Night!


    Hackathon attendees automatically registered

    For others = $220 Your fee will go towards the facilitation of the training


    La Trobe University Bendigo Campus (Business 2.28), Flora Hill, VIC 3552

  • Pitch Night

    VicGov Digital Innovation Festival Closing Night


    6th September

    5:30-7pm Pitch Competition

    7-8pm Cocktails & Awards


    FREE to attend. Register to ensure your spot.


    (Note: if you want to pitch, you need to attend the Training workshop)


    La Trobe Art Institute, 121 View St, Bendigo, VIC 3550

  • CVAF AgTech Meetup

    Central Victoria Agribusiness Forum


    Register your interest and stay connected with more Central Victorian agtrepreneurs